Sunday, October 14, 2012


Seriously, what I do without a sense of humor!  First, the story of the vehicles.  Thursday I went to the grocery store for a couple of items, when I came back to my van, it didn't start.  Then as I was walking home I realized I forgot one of the TWO items I was supposed to pick up.  After getting home, I called my husband to let him know where the van was.  He stopped by the house before going with our oldest to get the van home.  He was gone awhile.  That's because after he took the battery out of the van, he got in his car to run over to Autozone.  Problem....his car wouldn't start!  At this point I just started laughing.  I mean, I could have gone with crying, but that's not as fun.  He was able to get the car started and home.  Friday he was able to get the van started and bring that home too.  Both car batteries are fine, just little problems with the vehicles.  The part for his car was in Saturday afternoon and it only took Tony 1/2 hour to put it in.  Hopefully the van will be running again tomorrow.  I'm just thankful it's still fall break.  Kids go back to school on Wednesday. (YES!)
Second, Saturday was busy.  Colton went to a friends to work on a school project, Colton had a soccer game and Tony and I were running concessions, Kyler had an evening football game and Asher & Kyler went to various friends homes.  Doesn't sound too bad, until you figure in the no car situation!  My mom was able to lend her car to us, I just had to drive her somewhere at 6:15am and pick her up at 1:30pm.  Oh...and 5 of my nieces and nephews were spending the first half the day with us.  I didn't need to feed them a meal and I still went through 2 1/2 loaves of bread, 8 apples and a pint of buttermilk syrup!  But look how cute they are with my kids.  (yes, this was 5 years ago)
 Here they are 4 of the cousins in cute!
Third, the Sabbath.  I needed this peaceful day.  We went to church (in our little car - thankful for it!) and was joined by my mom, a niece and a nephew.....and a friend's two year old joined us too.  Church was great and I was surrounded by six kids.  Happiness!  After church, the boys picked up the front room for a bit and then we had my brother, 5 of his kids and my mom over for a family dinner.  We were starting the early celebration for this boy.
He's going to be 14 tomorrow.....FOURTEEN!!!
Let's just go back for a minute.  Here's my 6 year old on Christmas Day.
 Here's my 6 year old - GIRL TRAPPED!!!
(that's what he used to call it)
 Here he is asleep - in the back of the van after Father's & Sons campout.
 Disneyland - Summer 2005
(the last time we sad.  everyone wants to go again so bad)
 His 7th Birthday Party
 On his actual birthday, we took him to Build-A-Bear.
Happy Boy!
 This is another birthday gift, a CamelBak.  
What 7 year old asks for this?  Apparently this one!
(I love the shorts in this photo.  We couldn't find his soccer shorts, so we used red pj shorts)
It's crazy that 7 years have past since this day.  Can't wait to celebrate with him tomorrow!
Not much got done around the house, but we did get our winter lawn in.  We should have a lot of green on the lawn by next week even....can't wait!  Utopia!
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Jen Hakes said...

I have bee feeling rather melancholy today about my kids growing up so fast. I've got our family video I'm making on my mind. The pics of Asher reminded me again how quickly they grow. I'm so sorry about the car situation. I'm quoting my husband when I say "cars are evil". Hope your luck gets better.