Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Pumpkin and Hazelnut.....yes, I'm persevering despite the setbacks.  Candles lit.  Halloween boxes brought in.  Let's do a little decorating.
 I used to decorate the whole house, then I started putting up fewer and fewer items.  A couple of years, Halloween decorations were omitted.  But now I'm on a mission - to reclaim what once brought me happiness.  Let's start slow.  A halloween towel on the oven. (and a dog doing yoga)
 Pumpkins on the chairs.....
 and a couple of ghosts.
 Witch's hat on our Eagle....we still need to name him.
 Kyler's having lots of fun putting things up.
 The spider is new this year.
 So is the rat.
(what would I do without dollar stores?!?)
 I love my Boo Banner!
(I have a spring banner too.  I would love to make one for fall and Christmas)
 OK....it was a two-pack of spiders.
Part of the decorations are up, candles burning - it's beginning to feel like fall.....and our high temp is only 92 degrees today!  LOVE!!!!!
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